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15, rue Auguste Perret
Bldg: Matisse 
92500 Rueil-Malmaison
Land phone: +331 4749 2563
Fax Number: +339 5727 4152
Cell phone: +336 1945 2222
We are a broker of North American Hardwood Logs
Welcome. Involved in the lumber business and distribution since June 1970, JH dedicated his work efforts into the different departments of the lumber business: Accounting, Treasurer, Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager and running a sole-proprietorship business of lumber distribution inside Lebanon and some Arabic countries of the Middle-East, from 1982 up till 2005.

Currently and after decades of Integrity, hard work, honesty and determination, JHamouch LUMBER is an international lumber agent located at Rueil- Malmaison, France and having its representative in Allentown, PA, U.S.A.
“When a word becomes stronger than a contract”