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Lumber  Products

Hardwoods species from the finest Appalachian region of the North-East United States of America.

Hardwoods of the Jungles of West Africa and exotic species of its forestry and lumber progressive Industry.

Softwoods species of the West Coast of Canada and United States.

Softwoods of Eastern Europe. Lumber by-products of North America.

French Hardwoods.  Of the finest species of the french forestry.  

Far East industries of state-of-the-art production of Particleboards, MDF, Melaminated Chipboards and film faced Plywoods.
White Spruce and fir for construction use. Red pine and white fir of the vast plains of the union of Russian Republics.

Treated Wood products: Preserved wooden telephone poles, Hardwood crane mats, Crossties, Switchties and Railroad Ties. Fire retardant wood.

The modernized industry of melaminated Boards of Eastern Europe and more....

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